Norton  $15
A rich, spicy, full-bodied dry red wine with a unique earthy flavor.  The perfect wine for the red wine lover.  Pairs with:  red meat, smoked meat and wild game

Vixen Hill Red  $15
A wonderfully full-bodied dry red wine blend made from Chambourcin, Chancellor and other vinifera grapes.  Pairs with:  pork, veal or barbecue

Vixen Hill White  $15
This Chardonel (shar-doe-nel) is a light bodied dry wine with aromas ranging from apple to pear. This varietal is a cross of Chardonnay and Seval grapes. Pairs with: heavier seafood and chicken with cream sauces.

Chambourcin  $15  (Pronounced:  sham-bor-san)
Produced from a medium-bodied grape with fruity, cherry aromas, and earthy complexities.  These grape are sourced from Possland Vineyards in Palmyra.  Pairs with:  barbecue, pork and pasta dishes

Bourbon Barrel Frontenac  $17

This year’s vintage produced grapes with high acid and high sugar.  After fermenting for one year, the wine is racked into used bourbon barrels for six months to a year.  The resulting wine is a very smooth dry red wine with bourbon undertones. These grapes are sourced from Possland Vineyards in Palmyra. Pairs with:  alone or anything from a cigar to hushpuppies.


Vignoles  $15  (Pronounced:  veen-yole)
A clean full-bodied, white wine with luscious grapefruit flavors and crisp tropical aromas produced from our own vineyard.  Pairs with:  Asian cuisines, pasta, fresh fruit.

Solomon Creek Red  $15
A medium-bodied red wine blend made with Frontenac, Chambourcin and Niagara.  With a deep garnet color, this wine has characteristics of raspberry and plum.  These grapes are sourced from Possland Vineyards in Palmyra.  Pairs with:  chocolate, fresh green salads, and cheese


Cha Cha Catawba  $15  (Pronounced:  ka-taw-ba)
A medium-bodied sweet, fragrant, candy-like wine with spicy undertones.  Pairs with:  appetizers, cheese & crackers, and picnic-like food

Niagara  $15
A sweet, fruity, and very aromatic white wine with a strong American grape flavor.  Pairs with:  light foods, desserts, and picnic-like food

Concord  $15
Famous for its intense grape aroma and sweet jammy flavors.  The perfect after dinner sipping wine.  Pairs with:  chocolate, desserts, anything sweet

Chocolate Cherry  $12
A sweet red dessert wine made from Chambourcin and blended with chocolate & cherry flavoring. This wine will remind you of an old candy favorite:   cherry cordial.  Pairs with:  chocolate and a nice warm fire


**Sangria available (glass $5/pitcher $15)